Berks County Boudoir

The Wild Girls & Free Spirits

Hailey is an incrdible woman. She has been modeling for me for years and it’s been amazing to see how each of us have grown creatively. Last year she celebrated the birth of her child and she has entered motherhood with beauty and grace. Seeing her evolve into a mother has been so wonderful, although not remotely surprising that she would be awesome. Her daughter has an amazing role model.

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”

Boudoir is an empowering experience. It challenges women to really see themselves and embrace themselves just as they are. So many times we think “maybe 10 pounds from now,” or “I can’t look like a model.” These sorts of ideas come from chasing a sense of perfection that will never exist. In fact, it is toxic for you to go on for one more minute thinking you aren’t beautiful and sexy just as you are in this moment. While striving to be healthy is something I absolutely encourage, “sexy” isn’t a dress size. “Sexy” isn’t a body type. And “sexy” isn’t defined by the fashion industry. Be your own kind of sexy. I guarantee you the people who know you already see it. We just need you to see it. Why? Because it gives you power. There is nothing more amazing than a woman who is sexually empowered and gives herself the validation to be a beautiful, fierce woman of the world.

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