Hallelujah for technology!! 

You can now split your session fee in half!!! 

So for those of you who booked the Black Friday sale, you got to see the launch of a newly integrated automated booking system! It came with many tears, laughs, and struggle… but woooo! It’s awesome! We have also implemented a super sweet Client Portal, that houses all kinds of goodies for our clients like lingerie and how to prep guides, Boudie Bank invoices, and more. 

Now there is a new feature! You may choose to split your session fee in half! You will be taken through the entire booking process, and the system will give you options for paying your session fee in full or paying 50% down and the rest due two weeks later. Awesome right?! 

But! The caveat with opting for this is you have to stay on top of it! After the 15th day if the second payment is not made, your session date is removed from the calendar and made available to the public again. Session dates are only guaranteed upon full session fee payment. So, girl! Do not lose your date to someone else! Especially if you have a specific celebration like an anniversary or wedding that products need to be delivered by. Email reminders will be sent out to you leading up to the 14th day mark. So, no worries about that. 

Okay, enough of the big and scary. It really is a cool feature if you want to make sure you get the date you want but would like another pay period to come up with the rest. If you don’t trust yourself to remember… it may just be best to pay in full. But the option is now there!!