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My goal throughout these Halloween shoots was to embrace the fantasy of all things weird, creepy, spooky, and haunting. I wanted these sessions to be prolific in nature because it is not often that I allow myself time to explore visual concepts outside of the immediate world of boudoir.

I am incredibly grateful that my boudoir studio keeps me so busy doing the thing I love most in the world, but these Limited Edition sessions were certainly a creative release I didn’t know I needed.

Another returning client JUMPED at the opportunity to let me see multiple visions through. She ended up opting to purchase the full digital collection because there were just too many to say goodbye to.

Hannah shared her experience with us to share with you all! Here’s what she had to say:

“I first heard of RJS from my friend who previously shot with Rachel. She said so many amazing things about her experience. It made me want to give it a try. It was crazy because a few months after I talked with my friend about RJS, Rachel was running a promotion for a traditional boudoir experience and I knew it was my time to do it. I had such an incredible time in my first round with Rachel, I knew I needed to come back when she announced they were releasing two Limited Edition Halloween sessions.”

plague doctor mask in creepy Halloween shoot
plague doctor mask from amazon

“Before my first shoot with RJS, I expected things to be pretty simple and to just go in, do the shoot, and leave. BUT, I was totally wrong. It was one of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had. I had amazing conversations with Rachel and the makeup artist, Kasey. They both made me feel so comfortable and it was like i was just hanging out with two good friends.

Most people wouldn’t expect it to be comfortable to get your pictures taken half naked in front of a someone you just met, but Rachel made it so amazing and created a calm atmosphere for me. Now that I’ve had my second shoot, I can say that everything just got better and better.

I felt so comfortable coming back for another shoot because of how amazing Rachel and her team treated me the first time. I also felt confident walking in and like I was already on top of the world before even doing the shoot.”

vintage creepy all hallows eve photo shoot
weird and scary Halloween photos
weird halloween photos with godox lighting

” For ladies who are considering their own shoot with RJS, my best prep advice is to make sure you get a good night of sleep prior to your session. It makes the whole experience so much better if you are fully rested and won’t have to worry about feeling drained.

Don’t worry though, if you do feel tired, RJS does provide coffee!”

weird and creepy Halloween photos
vintage plague doctor
plague doctor costume

“Shopping for lingerie for my first session was a breeze for me. I already had so many pieces in my closet because I love lingerie and i feel good wearing it. I did do some more shopping though for new pieces and I loved it.

It is so much fun looking at all different kinds of lingerie and picking out what pieces I wanted for my session. For my first one, I picked a piece that was a bit different than the “normal” lingerie pieces I’ve seen other clients wear and I wasn’t sure if we would incorporate it into the shoot. We did end up using it for my session and it was AMAZING and I am so happy that i chose a more out of the box piece.

For my recent Halloween shoot, I actually brought my costume for this year because it already was kind of like lingerie. And it was PERFECT. Rachel provided the rest out of the Client Closet or pieces she bought for me to wear for the shoot. The bunny ears belong to the studio and I can’t wait to see the other girls who do the Playboy Bunny set!

For ladies who don’t love shopping, the nice thing about shooting nudes is that you don’t have to buy anything! Rachel has a full selection of lotions and oils to help prep your skin for the final look she wants.

When we did the “Crime Scene” photos, she had me prep my skin with baby oil before I posed for the photos.”


You guys… I have been watching a lot of true crime docs. lol And if you haven’t watched Bly Manor on netflix, you really should! In my head I wanted to go for a vintage barbie crime scene. We got real weird with these, right?

I had shot a set like this in a private Halloween shoot and I was so happy with the turnout that I wanted to shoot a couple of this concept to share with you guys!

vintage crime scene halloween shoot
halloween shoot vintage crime scene


We shot this vintage Playboy Bunny set with another returning client a week or so prior to Hannah’s session. When I said to Hannah I was considering letting it be the newest Experience Upgrade for our traditional boudoir clients, she LOVED the images that I shot with Kiana.

For the extra Halloween vibe we included Hannah’s super realistic vampire teeth to give it that little touch of spooky. I love how versatile the new studio set is. It REALLY let’s us go into another world and another time; even though we are still at cozy little RJS.

We’ll be moving on from this set sometime in the New Year, so if you want to be a Playboy Bunny, fill out the contact form to book your November/December 2020 date!


twin playmates in bunny costumes
vintage playboy bunny with godox lighting
vintage photography of lingerie photos

“… you can tell that every woman who works with her is getting a fully custom boudoir experience.”

“Seeing my images for the first time was insane for me. I’ve never seen myself in that way before and it boosted my confidence level so much. Every single image looked stunning. I kept thinking to myself “omg that’s me. no way.”

When the first image popped up it took me off guard for a second because I was so shocked by how GOOD I looked. I had that same experience seeing my Halloween images for the first time.

My jaw dropped when I looked at the first image and it made me love myself so much. The witchy/Halloween shoot was so my style and it was like I could be fully myself.

That’s the great thing about working with Rachel. She really has this way of learning so much about you right off the bat, and you can tell that every woman who works with her is getting a fully custom boudoir experience.”

old hollywood portrait lighting
old hollywood glamour contemporary playboy bunny photos
vintage playboy bunny photos
white haired vampire dressed in playboy bunny costume
dark and moody vintage boudoir and pinup photography
Twin Vampires in vintage playboy bunny costumes
Playboy Bunny vintage style photo


“Sooooo much has changed for me since my boudoir experiences. I feel more confident than i have my entire life and I look at myself in a whole new light.

I now know that I have the power to look that good like I did in my images. Like, that was ME. I have so much more self love and happiness within myself because of my session with RJS. My body image is so much better now and I feel good about the way I look.

I am proud of the body that I have and to have that gift of feeling positive feelings about myself is the most beautiful thing about all of this. I am forever grateful for RJS for helping me appreciate myself and the body I have. All women have their own body image issues. I think many people look at me and think that I must be confident all of the time.

My body image is just like yours; a constant relationship that I need to tend to and nurture. And seeing myself through the eyes of an artist is not what I get to see in the mirror, but now I can because I’ve had these experiences to help me. All women deserve this experience.”

Creepy halloween photo of girl in dark room
Dark and moody photo girl in a dark room
Moody Halloween Photos of a witch
Halloween Witch Photoshoot

“Both of my sessions with RJS will always be some of my favorite memories. I will definitely be booking more sessions with Rachel in the future.

RJS has so many options & different types of themes for your shoot. The Halloween theme was hands down the best one and it made me so happy to be one of the two ladies who got the dates. I had so much fun doing it and this is a friendly reminder to ladies for next year… mark your calendars! If Rachel releases only two Halloween shoots again, I imagine you’ll have about 2.5 seconds to pay your session fee and snag the date before someone else does!”

THANK YOU, HANNAH!! You were such a gem to work with twice in one year. Thank you for trusting us with your boudoir experience and for sharing these awesome words for other ladies who are considering a shoot with us!

The first Halloween session can be found at the link below!

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