Boudoir, Lancaster | Embrace Your Curves |

Boudoir, Lancaster | Embrace Your Curves

Kayla’s session was a long time coming. Her first session was initially scheduled for the week isolation orders went into place, and we had to wait out seemingly never-ending shut down until we finally got her back on the schedule.

COVID-19 has impacted us all in different ways, but for most of us, it’s safe to say we’ve all had to manage some obstacles. I’m so glad we could get her in for this session and give her something that could feel “normal.” We’ve been hearing this same thought from so many clients who are coming in and looking forward to their boudoir shoot being something good to come out of 2020.

Check out Kayla’s photos and hear what she had to say about her boudoir experience!

Q: How did you first hear of Rachel Jasmine Studio and what made you want to book with us?

A: I first heard about RJS through a friend who had a session with Rachel. From the moment I saw her photos, I was OBSESSED and knew I had to have my own session one day. For the longest time I watched other women share their photos and session experiences on social media and I wanted to feel as empowered and fierce as them, so I did!

Q: What was your initial reason for booking?

A: I was at a point, that I think most mama’s get to, where I felt that I was losing a piece of my old self. I wanted to break out of the leggings and mom bra’s and bring out my fierce side.

Q: Did you have any expectations going into the shoot?

A: I was not sure about what to expect the day of my shoot. I was honestly worried about the most ridiculous things (mostly cosmetic) on my drive to the studio, the moment that I walked into the studio it all went away because I felt like I walked into a friends house to drink wine and talk s***. My whole session was so relaxed and fun, I’m pretty sure we laughed the entire time.

Q: What was it like seeing your images for the first time?

A: I was completely blown away! They were amazing and I thought “that is not me”…wait, I’m pretty sure that I said that out loud.

Q: Has anything changed for you since your boudoir experience and seeing your gallery? How has boudoir impacted your body image as a woman?

A: I feel so much more comfortable in my skin since my shoot and seeing my gallery. Before this experience, I was very self conscious being a ‘curvy girl’ and now I’m embracing my body the way it is and loving it.

Q: Would you recommend Rachel Jasmine Studio for the luxury boudoir experience to others?

A: Absolutely! I have been telling all of my friends that they must have this experience, I will not shut up about it because it is that awesome.

Q: What advice would you give to another woman considering the boudoir experience with Rachel Jasmine Studio?

A: Girl, do it!! You will not regret it and you will wonder why you waited so long to do this for yourself.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to add to your interview?

A: This experience was one that pushed me out of my comfort zone, without realizing that I was out of my comfort zone, it was one of the best and fun gifts I have ever given myself. Thank you Rachel! XOXO

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