How Boudoir Can Make You Fall in Love with Yourself Again

Buckle up, ladies…  it’s about to get personal.

There is not one time in my life that I don’t look back and not remember finding myself fallible and flawed.  High school and my early twenties were spent avoiding the mental bombs flung at my own heart and self-image by comparing my body with others. In the photo album in my mind, I always saw myself through the critical lens that society had spent decades creating for me.  And, if I thought that my youth took a toll on my self-esteem and self-love, Motherhood stepped right up and said:  hold my beer, bitches.

“Self-care is like riding in an airplane preparing for a crash landing…”

Pregnancy and toddlers and sticky fingers and delivering coffee to a friend having a hard day and cooking meals (sometimes not totally burnt) and the pressure of planning ornate birthday parties in an overachieving-Pinterest-Mom-Way…. Has all lent itself to messy buns paired with yesterday’s make-up and baggy sweaters at morning drop off. I know… I see you, Mama.  

Self-care is like riding in an airplane preparing for a crash landing:  you have to love yourself FIRST, and then you can truly love others. I know you’re a Boss Babe, I see your hustle, but … are we doing that?  Are we remembering to love ourselves? 

 Boudoir is your ability to look back now, in real time, so you don’t waste any more time *not* seeing, and not loving, you and your boss beauty.

Come out of your mental bomb shelters, Babes.  Set your hearts and your minds free from social norms that tell us that we have to be something else to be good or great or perfect … or beautiful.  Because right now, no matter how YOU see yourself in your mind’s eye today… tomorrow’s eye will look back and say:  wow, you were really gorgeous then. Today’s lens will capture those curves which hug the windy road of life and motherhood and wifehood and womanhood in their most sexy light creating images that will make you fall in love with all of you.

“You deserve to see yourself in a way that makes you fall in love with yourself again. Haven’t you waited long enough?”

Our all-female team is at the ready to create custom looks, pamper you, and create a comfortable space so you can release that inner sexy badass. You deserve to see yourself in a way that makes you fall in love with yourself again. Haven’t you waited long enough? Babe, let’s do this, let’s fall in love…. With YOU… again.

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