Your Cheapest Therapy Session Ever | Berks County Boudoir |

Your Cheapest Therapy Session Ever | Berks County Boudoir

Your body is beautiful, strong, and capable of growing an entire human being. Still, I haven’t met a woman yet who doesn’t fixate on something about her appearance. Fixations are often the manufactured doubts of the negative influences that not only hold us back, but they hold us down.

Doubts tie our inner love and self-happiness to bylaws and standards and expectations that we never agreed to live up to.

You never signed up for any of this negativity, isn’t it time to change the script, embrace self-love, body positivity and create newfound values that YOU believe you are beautiful because you’ve felt it?  Because you’ve SEEN it?

Your body is love.

Those hands make dinner after a ten hour work day. Those arms carry the laundry, fold it and put all ninety-hundred-thousand pounds of it away, daily. Those legs get up and down and up and down chasing a curious toddler and finishing all those details on the so-called-Honey-Do List.

The crux of that arm, the bend of that waist, is where all the humans big and small crawl to for snuggles and comfort and love. Your whole body and everything it does: love everyone else. Isn’t it about damn time to love it back?

Loving your body is an act of courage.

I literally just heard three Moms out there mutter to themselves – “No Rachel, the act of courage is finding the TIME to love this body….”.  Absofreakinglutely!

Probably one of the biggest roadblocks we have to any kind of self-care is the time it takes – the appointment making, the outfit shopping, the endless minutes we will spend ruminating over the decision to do something for ourselves, and the blanket of guilt we will curl up with. I feel ya’, Mama, I really do. This is exactly why my all female team works hella hard to create a space in the time you’ve chosen to love, celebrate and capture this body and make you feel comfortably badass. 

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Your boudoir session comes with a hair and makeup team who make you head-to-toe, face-to-booty look amazing. Those hours we spend together I’ll find the most flattering light and poses which show off your every beautiful angle…

 …and it will be the cheapest therapy session you ever invest in.

Trust me, the best therapy to dealing with the endless dishes and chores and laundry, that annoying yoga Mom who just *has* to park and get her kid out of the car in the morning drop-off line, or answering your bosses fifth all important yet somehow unimportant email – is being able to scroll through your boudoir photos and remembering just how damn sexy you are while doing all this!

Girl… there are always going to be things to do, errands to run, other people’s needs to meet but, self-care is NOW. Being that girlboss who looks and feels gorgeous is now. Soft, sexy badass moments are now. Your beauty is NOW.  


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